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Global Impact

Energy Partner: Boyer’s Foods Markets, Inc.

Boyer’s Food Markets is a large-scale grocery store chain located in the Northeast.  They own and operate 17 stores throughout the region.

The Project

THiNKnrg engineers visited several of Boyer’s supermarkets for a facility audit walk-thru and determined that Boyer’s markets were employing a very inefficient system of motors to power their refrigerator fans. They were using 35% efficient shaded pole evaporator motors that wasted heat and caused the coolers’ compressors to consume more energy in order to maintain a cooler environment.
By upgrading their existing fan motors to 77% premium efficiency electronically commutated motors (ECM), Boyer’s Food Markets was able to achieve considerable reductions in energy consumption and significantly reduced operating costs.

In addition to upgrading Boyer’s fan motors, THiNKnrg added door-heat controls (otherwise known as anti-sweat controls). Conventional refrigerator and freezer doors have heat running through them continuously to avoid the sweat that will obscure displays. The controls that THiNKnrg installed reduce heater run times by as much as 80%.

In addition to lowering Boyer’s energy consumption and costs through technological improvements, THiNKnrg arranged for Boyer’s to receive all possible energy incentives. THiNKnrg also financed the entire project through a two year ESA agreement to ensure that Boyer’s Food Markets, Inc. remained cash-flow positive.


Project Savings (Net cash flow)


Reduction in KWh/year (2 stores)


Incentives & Rebates
(% of project construction cost)


Internal Rate of Return (IRR)


Energy Partner – Newman Paperboard

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Newman Paperboard is a family owned mill that produces more than 60,000 tons of paperboard annually. Their products are used for a variety of products including paper boxes, game boards, puzzles, book covers, and tablets.

The Project

Newman’s commitment to environmental sustainability made it an ideal partner for THiNKnrg.
Engineers from THiNKnrg were asked to take a look at Newman’s new state of the art, 30,000 square foot warehouse to determine if there were any energy savings opportunities. Fortunately, an energy efficiency project did exist, and the savings were significant enough that Newman decided to move forward. The plan was to remove an inefficient lighting system made up of 10 High-Intensity-Discharge (1,095 watt) lamp fixtures and 42 High-Intensity-Discharge (400 watt) lamp fixtures, and replace it with a more economical one: 10 U21, high efficiency fluorescent lamps, and 5 T5 high efficiency fluorescent lamps. In total, 52 large scale fixtures were switched out and replaced with only 15. (please refer to chart below for overview).

Old Lighting

New lighting

Number of Fixtures









As a result, Newman Paperboard was able to achieve considerable reductions in energy expenditure.


Total Project Savings


Reduction in KWh/year


Incentives & Rebates
(% of total system cost)


Internal Rate of Return (IRR)


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